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Welcome to my home away from home - the internet.


On the following page you can find some free midi files at your disposal. 



Please don't email me to ask if I have any other midi files that you're looking for.  What I've got is here on this site.  If you'd like to email me for any other reason, send your email to  


Who am I?



I'm a 46-year-old woman from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I work with computers for a living, and I pretty much spend most of my time on a computer or on the net.


I put up these midis because I couldn't find any music when I first got on the net.  So on the next page you will find a collection of music I've collected over my time on the net.


I hope there's something enjoyable for you.


To hear this music best and have it load more quickly by streaming, download Crescendo.  It will give you a little player that looks like this:

You will also be able to detach the player and have songs play continuously until another is loaded. Click right here or on the graphic to download the FREE version.



By the way, I didn't create any of the midi songs, I just found them.  I'd love to have that talent of sequencing songs, but I don't, my talents lay elsewhere.


Click here for the songs!



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