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Special characters: top
12-days 43K
14 Drinking in L.A. 51K
18babybaby 24K
1941g 112K
19banana 33K
2001 13K
22tears_in_heaven 49K
28answer 3K
30cornflak 33K
3old 27K
4leafclv 35K
99rball 59K
A top
Ace_of_Base_-_Living_in_Danger 51K
Agent Orange 30K
Aint Even Done with the Night 43K
Alanis Morisette - Thank you 22K
Alanis Morisette - Uninvited 15K
alban my life 52K
alfred hitchcock presents 4K
alladin_thing 64K
all by myself 35K
always on my mind 24K
ambnstd 30K
America the Beautiful 12K
Amour 54K
andy griffith theme 17K
angel_cnoelle 10K
angels1 9K
another day in paradise 37K
a touch of blues 16K
auld4 11K
avalon 50K
away in a manger 3K
B top
Baker Anita - SweetLove 42K
ball room blitz 58K
bamboleo 81K
beck - where its at 110K
Bee Gees - How can you mend a broken heart 41K
Bee Gees - I started a Joke 26K
Bee Gees - Words 16K
Behind the Wheel 38K
believe 30K
berntune 31K
beyond 24K
billy idol - white wedding 45K
birthday 2K
bison 11K
black magic woman 74K
bloodywell right 87K
bogiman 39K
bond 46K
breakafast in america 32K
breaking 46K
Breakout 49K
breaking up is hard to do 13K
C top
calidrea 36K
Canned Heat - Going up the Country 74K
canon in D 38K
Carpenters - Close to you 51K
carpet crawlers 30K
cars 26K
Cars - Drive 31K
Cars - My best friends girl 54K
chaingm 32K
chapel of love 21K
children 38K
choochoo 153K
cliffofd 35K
Cole Natalie - Unforgettable 17K
coolio_c_u 22K
count on the blues 16K
cranberries - dreams 63K
cranberries - linger 54K
cranberries - ode to my family 35K
crazy 18K
creep 21K
Crystals The -He's a Rebel 14K
D top
dadada 25K
Depeche Mode - Silence 47K
desperado 11K
devil 17K
diablo 23K
don mclean - american pie 42K
dontfear 15K
don't let me be misunderstood 61K
dontspeak2 94K
Doors - Love me two times 37K
dreamer 85K
Dubasova 25K
dunbar 47K
Dupree Robbie - Steal Away 48K
E top
Eagles - Witchy Woman 34K
ebbtide 20K
Edward Scissorhands 20K
ELO - Strange Magic 37K
Elton John - Sacrifice 46K
Empty 35K
Enya - Exile 10K
erasure_always 35K
eric clapton - my father's eyes 56K
erie 8K
europe final countdown 37K
every 47K
every breath you take 50K
every time you go away 47K
exorcist 60K
Extreme - More than words 41K
F top
Faith Percy - Theme from a Summer Place 36K
feed_the_birds 11K
fernando 97K
fever 21K
FF8 12K
Fine Young Cannibals - She drives me crazy 48K
first time ever I saw your face 37K
fool 25K
foolish games 31K
fools overture 58K
Foreigner - Waiting for a girl like you 25K
Forgotdre 37K
Forrest 5K
for you 39K
Four Seasons - Rag Doll 53K
frasier 4K
freedom at midnight 34K
friends 5K
funkytown 52K
fuyu 27K
G top
gangstas paradise 25K
Garfunkel Art - I only have eyes for you 38k
genie in a bottle 31K
genius 51k
ghost 5k
gin blossoms - till I hear it from you 44K
gloryluv 66K
gonewind 10K
good bad and ugly 49K
goo goo dolls - name 30K
green acres 16K
Guess Who - These Eyes 47K
H top
hakunamatata 20K
halowee2 25K
handyman 36K
happy birthday medley 25K
harlem nocturne 31K
have yourself a merry christmas 19K
heartshaped 37K
help 34K
hit the road jack 41K
hold me now 45K
hootie and the blowfish - only wanna be with you 91K
Human 36K
I top
if 14K
I Feel Love 82K
I will always love you 32K
I could fall in love 69K
If you could read my mind 25K
I got you babe 41K
I'm waiting em 15K
Im walrus 60K
in room 27K
in the mood 53K
In the Mood - Medley 27K
irish eyes 14K
I think I love you 51K
It's alright 26K
I want it that way 47K
I will remember you 22K
J-K top
James Tommy - Draggin' the line 33K
jann arden - insensitive 30K
Jarre1 17K
Jarre3 61K
jbelrock 25K
Jewel - You were meant for me 32K
Joel Billy - The Stranger 61K
joy 41K
jquestg 40K
jurassi2 14K
Just cgs 36K
keepers 23K
L top
ladys_ni 92K
Lamouss 2 37K
Lauper Cyndi - Girls just want to have fun 78K
Lay all your love on me 79K
Layla-un 46K
lean on me 36K
life 32K
lion sleeps tonight 9K
live and let die 46K
Logical song 37K
lonely 31K
loreena mckennitt - the mummers dance 34K
Losefai 44K
love her madly 50K
love song 35K
lovin touchin squeezin 47K
Lulu - To Sir With Love 18K
M top
Mamas and Papas - Monday Monday 29K
Matchbox 20 - Push 32K
mean woman blues 25K
men in black 53K
midi 5K
mike oldfield - moonlight shadow 55K
mike oldfield - tubular bells 316K
millenium 3K
misty 21K
moonser 76K
mountain 19K
mrs robinson 56K
Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime 47K
munsters 5K
my own worst enemy 43K
my girl 25K
N-O top
natalie imbruglia - Torn 50K
Nirvana - Come as you are 23K
nobody does it better 20K
norain 31K
ob-la-di 33K
One Headlight 58K
P-Q top
Parsons Alan - Damned if I do 45K
Parsons Alan - Eye in the Sky 77K
Parsons Alan - Games People Play 76K
Personal Jesus 31K
petergun 7K
pinkfloydgreatgig 28K
Pretenders - Back on the Chain Gang 32K
Pretenders - Brass in Pocket 27K
Pulp 25K
Python Monty - Always Look on Bright Side of Life 41K
R top
Rafferty Gerry - Baker Street 61K
rainbow connection 22K
rainman 19K
Raitt Bonnie - Something to Talk About 46K
Rama 5 29K
rapture 76K
raylight 119K
rebound 25K
rem - drive 35K
rem - strange currencies 24K
Rivers Johnny - Seventh Son 48K
robinson 46K
rocky top 9K
rumours 15K
runaway 29K
running_bear 28K
S top
sadeness 28K
santeria 15K
scar tissue 14K
secret agent man 48K
shameless 19K
Shape 25K
Sharing the night together 14K
sherwood 75K
sign your name 30K
Simon Carly - That's the way I've always heard it 18K
Simon and Garfunkel - I am a Rock 22K
Simon and Garfunkel - Sounds of Silence 22K
sirius 22K
slave to love 60K
Sledge Percy - When a Man Loves a Women 25K
Smashmouth - Can't get enough of you baby 19K
Smashmouth - Walking on the sun 33K
Smooth Operator 44K
Songchild 65K
Somewhere in my broken heart 16K
something 54K
Star Man 22K
starwar2 22K
starwars 42K
sunmoon 16K
sunset 44K
T top
take5 22K
tell him 41K
Tempted 34K
tennessee waltz 22K
thank you 22K
The Cardigans - Erase and rewind 38K
The Offspring - Why don't you get a job 46K
the rain 41K
the boxer 42k
the voice 38K
ticotico 73K
titanic 17K
tocatta 31K
Travels 34K
truschl 26K
U-V top
undersea 56K
uninvited 39K
vega 13K
Vienna 22K
Village Altered 10K
virtual insanity 77K
W top
walk of life 57K
waltz flowers 84K
war of the worlds 38K
washer woman 18K
watermelon crawl 55K
where 27K
with or without you 62K
Woman 40K
woman in love 40K
wuthering heights 35K
X-Y-Z top
xmassng 53K
yackety sax 34K
you are so beautiful 9K
you needed me 18K
Zzendles 36K
Zzswtbuz 54K
Zzunknow 42K



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